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Gink GPS tracking server software

Integrate GPS data with gink today

GPS tracking server software for data collection

Gink has been specifically designed to deliver GPS data to integrators through our REST web service. There are many possibilities to integrate GPS data into your applications, ranging from vehicle tracking / monitoring to full-fledged fleet management systems.

Instead of offering a closed system, we offer you access to our API so you can build your own GPS-enabled applications on top of gink - or integrate GPS data into an existing application to add value for your customers. Gink makes it easy to integrate live and historical tracking data into a program. You don't have to to write your own GPS server software or deal with complicated protocols.

This is how it works: a gink-box receives position data from GPS satellites - as well as event data and status messages - and communicates with our servers, which process all incoming data and make them available for you via the REST web service.

In short, we take care of all the processing details, giving you more time to concentrate on your project.

gink benefits

Get an access key

To use the gink API you need an access key. This will be used to authenticate your HTTP requests and keep track of your devices.
Get an access key

Build your application

You can use the gink API to integrate sample data in your application before purchasing a gink-box tracking unit.
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